3/19/2009 Extra Thought

I have really been humbled by the mime experience. There are many times that people treat me different because I don’t speak. Not big things — mostly they just don’t know what to do since they cannot communicate with me in the normal way. They don’t know I am a mime and think I just can’t speak or at least can’t speak English. In those moments I get to feel what disabled folks must experience every day – and it hurts. I sure wish they didn’t act that way, but I’m starting to get used to it. I guess that is probably the normal progression to acceptance. I just have to remember that who I am is based on what I believe and not on how others act or in what they say. I’m also aware that most people have never been around a mime so they don’t know how to act and communicate with me — outside of waving and giving me high fives as a clown! I’ve started to carry a journal so they can write who they are and where we met. So if you’ve read this, please stop me and ask to write something in my journal.

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