3/21/2009 Loveland, OH — Alzheimer’s March Madness 5K Fun Run

It was much cooler today, in the 40’s. Loveland is truly a beautiful city tucked into the northeastern part of Cincinnati – just outside I275.  I waited for the other runners/walkers to start before I began my first “race”.  A few people said I was cheating — they were just joking.  I guess they have never ridden a unicycle before — you can’t coast!  I had to pump my legs probably as often as someone taking a stride so I think it was fair.

I really enjoyed seeing the initial looks of the runners coming back our way and giving out “high 5s”.  I finished in a little over 32 minutes, which I think is respectable since I was playing around some along the way.  I passed a woman runner with about a half mile to go and  gave her a “thumbs up”.  She really appreciated that.

I cheered the next finishers for a while and then hopped on my unicycle again for another mile ride.  Coming back toward the finish line, I didn’t want people to applaud me coming through again so I veered off and went around the building with the restrooms.  I hopped off and walk around a corner only to find two girls anxious to give me “high fives” for finishing the race.  Even the local policemen that rode bikes ensuring everyone was safe around the course smiled when they saw me coming. What a great feeling.

Mophe at Alzheimer’s March Madness Fun Run

This is the infamous picture I handed out to thousands of people along my journey! I posted other information and my current stats on the back of these “Mophe Racing Cards”.  I also used this photo on the front page of BAYCDA.org and on the title page of a biography I started, which I still have not finished. Maybe some day.

Shad Ramsey from Red Door Photography in Bellevue, Kentucky took this photo along with several others. Thanks for letting me use it Shad!

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