3/24/09 Gahanna, OH — Ride by Creekside

I took a ride in downtown Gahanna by Creekside. The buildings were just beautiful and the people were very friendly — waving and honking as I rode by. I went by Bicycle One on Mill Street. I almost stopped in but I decided to roll on. I’ll have to go back sometime.

I rode up Granville Street and ran into four Lincoln High School girls. They yelled, “Hey clown, come here.” As I slowly approached they asked if I was crazy and I shook my head no. They asked if I could talk and I shook my head no. Then the main person talking said, “I’m starting to think you are crazy.” So, I started to ride around in circles. They all laughed. I gave them an “I am Mophe” card that told about my 1,000-mile journey.

I’m glad that you girls were walking in a group of four and you cautiously approached a clown on the street.  As I’m sure your parents have taught you, NEVER approach anyone (dressed like a clown or not) when you are walking alone! I’d even suggest steering clear of strangers unless there are three or more of you.

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