3/24/2009 Whitehall, OH (2.0 miles) – Ride Down Broad Street

I didn’t cover many miles in Gahanna so I decided to go down Hamilton road into Whitehall for another 2-mile ride. The sidewalks were a little bumpy and I lost my balance three times. I was waving to two guys across the street and lost it, so I decided to stage a fall to the ground. They didn’t think that was too cool. You never know what will tickle someone’s funny bone.

Most people were very friendly and waved or honked. One woman passenger stopped at the light at Yearling asked if I was riding for the library across the street. Some days I wonder if I should start talking so I can tell people I’m trying to raise awareness for the Gift Card Donor program where you can donate gift cards to charities like the Buckeye Ranch, Central Ohio Diabetes, LifeCare Alliance (provides Meals-on-Wheels) and Operation Smile. I’ve decided to stay a mime – for now!

Two senior guys from Whitehall Yearling High School stopped me for pictures. Everyone loves getting pictures with the clown. Be sure to email me a copy or post one on Facebook — search for Mophe!

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