3/27/2009 Newark, OH (8.5 miles) – Longest ride to date

This was the longest ride I’ve taken at one time to date — 8.5 miles. I did take a mini-break to eat a couple of sandwiches and drink water. You’ve got to take care of yourself during long exercise events so you don’t dehydrate or get low blood sugar. I am starting to get a little saddle sore though and got a blister on my little toe — ouchy!

I saw Mr. Thorn, the GiftCardDonor.com Director of Charity Services, driving down Church Street. I’m wondering if they are checking up on me to make sure I’m doing the miles. He was nice enough to ask if I wanted anything. I shook my head no.

I had my biggest crash yet, trying to unicycle through mud. My unicycle got stuck and I flew forward. I’m OK, though the way things are going my unicycle’s going to need a new seat after a while.

I stopped at the Salvation Army, walked in the office door, and asked the Administrative Assistant if she could help me. She was a really nice lady. I handed her a “Mophe” card. She really lit up with a broad smile and gave me the thumbs up when she learned I was riding 1000 miles for charities. I just love the circle in the middle of their walkway across the lawn. I just had to ride a couple of laps around the circle. There are some things a clown just can’t resist!

A boy in a car asked me how much my unicycle cost and said he really needed to know. I think he’s going to save up to buy one and learn how to ride. Good for him.

There were so many really great people in Newark. It is amazing how their faces lit up when they saw a clown coming. It doesn’t matter if you are big or small, young or old, have blue hair (oh, wait, that’s me!), dress in a suit or blue jeans, ride a bike or drive the nicest car — most people still love to laugh at a clown. Of course, there was one teenage girl going hysterical in a car. Luckily she wasn’t driving. I thought she was going to hurt herself. Be careful out there! Extreme laughter may have severe side effects, like snorting through your nose, a sore belly, or even wet pants. Nah – really, just enjoy yourself! It can’t get that bad – I think?

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