4/2/2009 Westerville, OH (4.5 miles) – Thru Uptown and by Otterbein College

Wow — what a beautiful day, 71 degrees and a few clouds. Great weather for a unicycle ride! I did a loop around State Street, Main Street, Cleveland Avenue, and Schrock Road. The sidewalks were pretty good — too bad that’s my measure of a town but it really makes a difference when it comes to riding a unicycle!

I ran into Renee from www.UptownMerchants.com in ”Uptown” Westervile. She took a couple of pictures and wrote in my travel journal. She said she just joined Twitter. I gave her my Mophe card and she said she would “get the word out” about my 1000 mile journey for charities.

I rode by Otterbein College and they must have been changing classes or everybody was just outside for the nice weather! I got the “you don’t see that every day” comment a couple of times. Everyone was great — they waved, gave the thumbs up, and there were lots of smiles!

I rode by some construction guys working on Main Street and they were pretty excited to see me. Keep up the good work guys! I kind of felt weird going by McDonald’s on Cleveland Avenue — thought I might run into Ronald. And to top it off I had to go by twice! The sidewalk ran out just past their store, so I had to double back to the cross walk to cross to the other side.

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