4/17/2009 Worthington, OH (6.0 miles) – Thru town down to Graceland (mall not TN)

It was another beautiful day for a ride — sunny and 72 degrees. The sun made it hard to tell if folks were waving or not, since it was glaring off their windshields. I started by I270 and rode south on Route 23 straight through Worthington. They have a very nice down town area. Everyone was enjoying the warm weather at Dairy Queen or sitting outside of a café.

Mr. Thorn mentioned I should turn right on Route 161. Wow, was that hard. There was a steep hill going down AND coming up! Plus there were a couple of areas where the brick sidewalks were a bit bumpy! I’m starting to wonder if he’s out to get me.

Anyway, I turned back on Route 23 (High Street) and continued all the way to Graceland — that’s the shopping center, not home of Elvis! I accidentally ran over a whole colony of ants. I felt bad. I don’t like to see harm come to any living creature.

A young man and lady walked toward me on the sidewalk. As they got closer the young lady covered her face. I think she was afraid of me. I’ve heard about a scary film about clowns. That is terrible. It gives a good guy like me a bad name. Oh well, we’ll just need to show them clowns are good guys too!

Three cross-country runners turned on the High street just ahead of me. I tried to catch up, but they were too fast. Luckily, they got stopped by the walk light, so I caught up to them. Great job guys!

The most incredible thing was that I passed the office of the American Heart Association and the United Methodist Children’s Home. Seeing great causes like these remind me how lucky we all are that people care enough to give help in this and many other ways. It reminds me that I’m not just out here to make people happy to see a clown, but to help all charities by showing everyone they can donate gift cards at GiftCardDonor.com.

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