4/27/2009 Hilliard, OH (5.5 miles) – Around Hilliard, Old Towne and New

It was 87 degrees and sunny today. The heat concerned me, but I held up fine. It could be because of all the wind. It seemed like 10-15 miles per hour. And boy was I getting a bad hair day. Luckily I wear a helmet. But it was rough pulling the hair out of my face all the time. This was a good test. I was really getting concerned about lasting in the heat of the summer. I was out for about 50 minutes and then stopped for a drink and snack before going another 45 minutes. Not as long as my normal 2-2.5 hours, but not bad. I actually stopped earlier because of the wind.

I started at the Dairy Queen on Main Street and rode down Cemetery Road toward I270. All the folks from Hilliard were really nice. Two guys told me to “stop clowning around” during the ride. I acted like I was going to fall when the first guy said it and he had a blast with it. I don’t quite get it though. Why would you tell a clown to stop clowning around? Isn’t that like expecting a rabbit to stop hopping, a Dalmatian to stop having spots, or a frog to stop ribbeting? Oh well, I guess it is kind of funny — to some people!

After riding down Cemetery Road and back and then down Main/Avery toward Roberts Road and back I was about ready to call it a day. Then I decided to go around the corner past Dairy Queen and it opened up to Old Towne Hilliard. Wow – that was incredible, plus they had wonderful new sidewalks that were easy to ride on. I rode by Sports on Tap. Two guys outside smiled and one yelled into the door, “Joy, check this out.” And then I heard Joy say, “Yea, I see it.” I’m starting to think I should measure smiles instead of miles. I think I’d be up to about 10,000 by now!

As I came back toward Dairy Queen, I rode over to meet a couple of women with a little girl. The little girl was a little shy but she waved at me anyway. I was about to leave again when a car pulled up and stopped. A man got out and asked if he could take a picture with his baby. His wife carried out “Ahmad” and we took several pictures, even though Ahmad kept looking at me instead of the camera.

Well, I broke silence twice today. Once to say “your welcome” and “how cute” about Ahmad. The other time was earlier when a man in a truck pulled up next to me and asked how to ride a unicycle since he’s trying to learn how. I couldn’t be rude to a fellow unicycle rider. I’m starting to think I might give up on the mime thing. It would make things sooooo much easier to tell people what I’m doing instead of having them read a card.

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