4/29/2009 Dublin, OH (3.5 miles) – Around Old Town Dublin

I entered Old Towne Dublin from the bridge across the Scioto River. They have some really nice shops there. I always wondered what they would say if I went into a salon for a haircut! I need to try that some day.

I crossed the street and went past some folks outside at a café. They always seem so serious in conversation until I go by! I didn’t go too far because I ran out of sidewalk so I turned around and headed back toward the bridge. School was letting out across the street and a lot of kids were waving from the buses as they drove past me.

I kept going past the bridge and ran into Wendy’s International Head Quarters. I never did see Wendy but she has a nice place! I road up to Sawmill road and headed North but ran out of sidewalk again, so I turned around and headed South. I didn’t get too far because it started to sprinkle and I decided to call it a day.

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