4/29/2009 Columbus, OH (1.0 miles) – Near MLK Performing Arts Complex

As I drove down I71 a couple of guys took a second look at the clown driving on the freeway. They had really big smiles as I went by.

The rain cleared so I decided to stop off over near the Martin Luther King Jr. Complex. Everyone was really nice in the neighborhood — smiling and waving. I broke silence completely on this ride and talked to several people. One guy just had to get my picture from across the street.

A girl and her two brothers tracked me down. The girl said it was her brother’s 12th birthday and I needed to come to their house. A lady down the street said, “There are enough clowns around here so you need to get going.” I think it was in jest, but I decided to move on anyway. I rode around a bit more, waved to people driving by and talked to several more people. Everyone really enjoyed seeing me around.

I spotted several kids outside a house with their mothers and a grandparent so I went over to say, “Hi”. Someone pulled into the driveway and asked if I could do a birthday party. I said I’m not really the right guy for that. She was looking for someone that could do balloons and all.

I was heading over towards St. Dominic’s church and a group of 10-12 kids came running out to see the clown. They didn’t know what to make of me. I heard one say, “You’re not a clown. I can see your arm by your glove!” They were so cute. They asked me to touch my nose and I went, “Honk!” and they all busted out laughing. They asked me to show them some tricks. I rode my unicycle around in circles, rode backwards, and then did a toe-touch. The girl closest to me want to know how she could join. She had the most amazing eyes that reminded me of the famous girl on the cover of the National Geographic.

Everyone was really great today and I was glad that I could bring smiles to their faces. A man walking out of a business told me, “You’re definitely in the wrong part of town!” I had to really think about that. I feel at home wherever I go and I love all people, so I have to say that I was in the *right* part of town. And I’m sure Dr. King would have agreed. Of course, I could have misinterpreted the meaning too — communication is a tricky thing. Anyway, I told the kids I’d come back, so I’ll visit them again sometime this summer.

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