5/3/2009 Westerville, OH (5.0 miles) – Arthritis Foundation Walk and 5K Run

What an excellent day. The Weather Channel forecasted rain all weekend in central Ohio and we ended up with a sunny, warm day for the Arthritis Walk and 5K Run. I felt a little weird coming up to the registration area, but saw the Clippers mascot, “Krash” there. I tried to steer clear of him since I don’t like to step over someone else’s gig.  I surprised the registration folks and several other people when I said I was actually going to “race” the 5K.

I finished the race acting like I wasn’t going to make it – swerving and brushing fake sweat off my brow (really helmet). After I crossed the finish line they were handing me bottles of water and apples — while I was still unicycling! Boy that was difficult. I went to the play area, jumped off my unicycle and acted like I was passing out on the ground! They all loved it.

I drank a bottle of water and then unicycled backward along to course to encourage the walkers still out there — that’s how I ended up with 5 miles today instead of just the 5 kilometers. The coolest thing is that I handed out baseball card size pictures of myself to many of the kids. They just loved it. One kid asked for my autograph but I didn’t have anything to write with. I’ll have to bring something next time.

So, we’re back at the finish and this woman grabs my arm and says, “You need to come over here!” I acted like she was dragging me away to prison and everyone enjoyed that. She brought me over to a chiropractic table and they took a scan of the back of my neck. They said I was a little off on the right. I’m surprised I wasn’t “off” a lot since I clown around so much.

Well, I’m glad so many people came out for such a great cause.


I was hoping to find a picture of me finishing the race or passed out on ground.  Please share if you happen to have one.


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