5/12/2009 Cleveland, OH (5.5 miles) – Cleveland Museum of Art

It was another beautiful sunny day, this time in Cleveland. I met several veterans outside the VA hospital where I parked. They were very glad to see me and asked a lot of questions, like how long it took to learn to ride a unicycle. I had a woman from the hospital ask if I could do their employee picnic in July. I’m still thinking about that one.

Well, it wasn’t all good today. I got lost on the way to the Cleveland Museum of Art to register for the Parade the Circle on June 13th. To top it off, I shouldn’t have had my unicycle in the Museum either. Oh well, everything worked out and I took care of everything for the parade. It looks like it will really be fun!

I took a ride down Euclid Avenue and through Case Western Reserve University. Many of the students had a good laugh at the unicycling clown! They sure have long buses with accordion things in the middle that I’m guessing help the bus make it around corners, though they looks like the bus can grow longer or shorter. Well, I hope to see some of the same people watching the parade in June!

Here’s a similar accordion bus, so you can see what I mean!

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