5/12/2009 Mansfield, OH (3.0 miles) – Down and up Park Avenue “hill”

On the drive home to Columbus, I decided to stop in Mansfield for another hour of riding. I guess people don’t really understand these rides for 2-3 hours are like running a half marathon!

I made the classic mistake — I rode all the way “down” a hill and then had to ride back “up”. Ouch! Boy did that hurt after riding all that time in Cleveland. I didn’t realize I rode 3 miles until I mapped it on Google when I returned home. Mansfield was really nice otherwise. The churches were incredible — tall and made of ornate stone.

Everyone seemed REALLY surprised to see me. I got more than the usual honks and smiles! I even received applause at the end of my ride. I was nearing my car in a parking lot on a corner of an intersection. Someone yelled out, “Yoo-hoo”. I rode toward the car stopped at the intersection with several other cars. I did a few spins, rode backwards, and then took a bow, all while on my unicycle, and two of the cars broke out in applause. The first applause I have heard on my rides — excluding parades.

Another guy wanted to hire me for the opening of his ice cream shop this summer. I’m getting a lot of offers, but I truly just want to make a difference, which is what Gift Card Donor is doing. They are turning unwanted gift cards into funds for charities. They give as much as possible – 75% to 80% of the revenue from reselling the cards. Please help me in this cause and donate your gift cards to charities at GiftCardDonor.com!

Take care.


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