8/11/2012 Baltimore, OH (6.0 miles) – Baltimore Festival Parade

Another great parade. Below are comments about pix from David Stith at the Lancaster Eagle-Gazette.

  • #4 I was asked by the man driving the car to track down this lady and her baby when the parade was starting.
  • #8 If I remember right, the girl on the far left was afraid of clowns. The rest cheered when I did a cartwheel and toe-touch before the parade.
  • #13 This little band was awesome and sounded like a big band.
  • #16 The Civil War lady on the left was really interested about what I was doing and how to ride a unicycle as the boy on the left listened while we waited for the parade to begin.
  • #18 Mophe having a great time!
  • #21 I asked the five girls on this “Amber 520” float if they were all named Amber, but I was told they were from Amber, Ohio.
  • #23 Mophe caught sitting on the curb watching the parade. This was on my way back for a second time through.
  • #24 I watched these guys from the Aladdin Shrine do figure eights. They were great!
  • #25 Rocket Man remembered me from the Columbus Veterans Day Parade.
  • #26 This race car man was giving me a hard time (in fun) before the parade.
  • #29 Erika Newcome was brave enough to drive a race car, but afraid of clowns. Thanks for being a good sport Erika!
  • #35 I love the lawn mower group. They did an incredible choreographed piece during the parade. I rode up next to one of them and we acted like we were going to race.
  • #44 I had to swerve around several kids collecting candy in the street. Actually, the youth football players were trying to pelt me with candy early on. I heard many whiz by my head. Luckily I was wearing a helmet!
  • #50 During the parade, I asked her how she made her hair so tall. She laughed but never told me her secret.
  • #51 Ice cream man gave me a high-five. They handed out mini-ice cream cones to everyone.
  • #56 I rode my unicycle as wide as possible around the horses and rode back on the sidewalk (around watchers) on the way back through the parade for a second time.

There were many more that I had a great time with before the parade, plus the people watching. Thanks everyone, and especially Lumpy for having me back.

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