5/25/2009 Blue Ash, OH (7.0 miles) – Memorial Day Parade

Wow – what a day! I had a great time with everyone waiting to be in the parade. I arrived over an hour before the parade started and had a chance to play around with everyone while we waited. A man in a big hat riding in the back of a Mustang told me he had created three big hats before — two signed by Browns and Bengal players that he sold for charity. What a great man!

There were two boys riding unicycles like me. They put red, white and blue ribbons in the spokes in honor of Memorial Day. I told them I liked their unicycles and wish I had thought of doing that to mine. Later, as the parade started, one of the boys was juggling while riding. I need to learn how to do that!

I told some knock-knock jokes to couple boys and girls with their parents. They really enjoyed that! I stopped to talk to two little girls waiting to be in the parade in a car. I asked if they wanted me to sing a song and then sang “Down by the Bay”. You should have seen the shocked look on the woman in the front seat. I’m not sure if she didn’t expect a clown riding a unicycle to be able to sing OR if I was that bad. The girls really enjoyed it!

I had a great time from the girl scouts, kids riding with their parents in camouflage army vehicles, and the older vets. The Boy Scouts gave me a rough time. They wanted me to juggle or do magic tricks. I really need to learn something else besidesunicycling. They were going to chase me. I said they were supposed to help people. They said they weren’t that kind of scout. We had a really good time!

I had the best time with a group of Shrine clowns. I talked to one for a while about how their clown organization worked. I was jealous that their clown makeup was on so much better than mine, but of course they are professionals! I told him I felt bad that a couple of the Shrine hospitals might close since their costs have gone up and donations have stayed the same. He said they take care of burn victims and accept no health insurance or federal aid. That is amazing what they do!  A little later one of the clowns started stalking me with a play gun. I moved cautiously backwards and then he acted like he shot me. I grabbed my chest and fell to the ground. He came over and said, “Perfect! I give you a 10!” That meant a lot to me.

Oh yea, I almost forgot. I also got to give out my first autograph! I’m glad I could make someone happy enough to ask for one.


The parade was really great too. Someone gave me advice to ride in front of the cars “so I didn’t have to smell the exhaust”. I’m not sure if this was good idea. I felt like I was slowing them up since I circled from side-to-side to wave, say “Hi” and give out some high fives!

I followed a guy walking (or should I say sauntering) across the street WHILE the parade was going on. He was OK about it. People just love my “can’t ride the unicycle” routine. I did that 3-4 times during the parade. It was really incredible. People just love to see a clown and I’m so happy when they laugh and smile. Thank you friends of Blue Ash for such a great day!

TOTAL = 82.5 miles

See Mophe in the Blue Ash Memorial Day Parade at Flickr.



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