5/30-31/2009 Hilliard, OH (10.0 miles) – Relay for Life

A record ride of 10 miles! Riding the Hilliard Davidson High School track was nice compared to sidewalks – no bumps! I arrived very late, at 9:45pm, but that was fine since Relays for Life are all night events. I arrived during the remembrance ceremony and tried to stay low-key but some kids saw me and whispered.

I had the “posse” (three young kids) chase me half of the night. They were really nice. I showed them how to ride a unicycle and they tried to have the “police” lock me up. The boy was trying to catch me with his Spiderman web and we did “na, na, na, na, na, na, na – Batman!” around the track. The little girl told me they were there for their grandma who has cancer. I was glad I could cheer them up.

At midnight they had a fundraiser skit where men dressed as women and collected money. It was hilarious! I thought for sure “Michelle” was going to win. She/he looked like the favorite of the crowd, but Michaela raised the most money with the help of a hidden stash of cash per an anonymous source. I was pulling for Michelle because we spoke earlier with his friend around the track (before he got dressed up). I even shared my BAYCDA philosophy with them – “Believe and you can do anything!” We talked about how different people respond to finding out they have cancer – the positive thinkers normally live a lot longer. Anyway, the money goes towards a great cause – the American Cancer Society!

A young man gave me a rough time early on, saying I was cheating on the unicycle and that I should ride backwards instead. So, I rode backward about 50 feet, spun around, and then took off forward at high-speed. After about 7 miles, I gave him a Mophe racing picture and said, “Does it make a difference that I’m riding 1000 miles for charities?” His whole demeanor changed. He even apologized (somewhat) since he didn’t know what I was doing. I guess you should never judge a book (or clown) by its cover.

I’m really concerned about the Tour de Cure for the American Diabetes Association next week. The shortest distance is 12 miles! The 10 miles tonight took roughly 2 hour and 45 minutes to complete, so 12 miles would take almost 3.5 hours! I’m looking forward to crossing my first 100-mile mark soon — yea!


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