Have you ever wanted to make a difference in the world? Me too, so I came up with the idea of donating gift cards to charities, hopped on my unicycle to tell everyone, and ended up riding over 1000 miles around America (see my route below).

This site is:

  • A lot about my journey,
  • A little about my mission of teaching everyone to donate gift cards to charity, and
  • Somewhat a place to offer children’s books about my adventures, music, and other items.

Like everything in life, this website is a work-in-progress. I’m still converting from my old GiftCardDonor.com pages so things like Facebook likes are starting over.  So, please re-like me, not that you don’t already, but you know what I mean :-D! I plan to add more fun things over time.

Always remember,

Believe And You Can Do Anything! 



BTW – I hope you enjoyed the Faces of America song on my home page that I wrote and sang while riding around America. This version was composed and performed by Brandon Purcell.