Safety Tips

Safety is my top priority in fundraising. Please review ALL the safety tips below. Many of the safety items are directed toward students but are good rules for adults as well:

  1. Always think safety first – use your common sense and make smart choices.
  2. For students, a parent or guardian must be involved in each fundraising activity.
  3. A parent or guardian must approve who the student expects to ask to support their group or charity.
  4. I discourage any student from collecting cards door-to-door or from strangers.
  5. Instead, make a list of friends, family, relatives and neighbors to contact for gift card donations to your organization.
  6. Use the buddy system – never collect gift cards alone. ┬áStudents must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  7. Student are to give the cards to their parents or guardian as soon as they are collected.
  8. Do not carry a large number of gift cards at one time.
  9. Never talk to strangers.
  10. Never go out after dark.