OH, Columbus: Komen Race for The Cure. Photo by Juan Torres.
AZ, Grand Canyon: We are but a grain of sand on the immenseness of the Earth, which is just a speck in the Universe.
MO, St. Louis: The Arch
from downtown. I love how it melds into the building on the left!
OH, Wapakoneta: I saw Herbie!
SD, Sioux Falls: Falls Park was beautiful.
WY, Yellowstone Park: One of my favorite pictures is this guy trout fishing.
OH, Columbus: Hurray! I finished 1,000-mile in front of The King Arts Complex. Right-to-left: Sheryle Powell, development director, Mophe, and a volunteer that kept calling me “homey”!
AL, Mobile: USS Alabama — I got to ride up the gangway and on deck! Awesome!
CO, Denver: I love this 25-30 foot bear peeking in the Convention Center!
NY: Niagara Falls is a must see. I just couldn’t believe the power of the rushing water.
KY, Louisville: One of many horse statues around town, near WDRB building.
KY, Bardstown: The great people at Sonic – Edward, Whitney, and Coutney! Thanks for everything!
WA, Spokane: Largest red wagon I’ve ever seen!
IL, Evanston: Riding the waves with downtown Chicago in background – Awesome!
TN, Cordova: My Hope 5K racing number!
OH, Wooster: These Amish guys smiled at me as they drove by in their horse drawn wagon.
MT, On Road: I love pictures of the sun silhouetting the mountains.
CA, Hollywood: Cool van outside a Paramount studio.
UT, Antelope Island: They have buffalo on this island in the middle of the Great Salt Lake, though they are hard to find!
OH, Columbus Veteran’s Day Parade: This float tells it all! I was proud to be part of the parade.
IN, Speedway: Mophe in a really fast car!
CA, San Francisco: Would have been great to relax in a sailboat in the bay!
FL, Pensacola: Palm trees near my ride!
VT, Bennington: I think I blend in with the moose.
WY, Yellowstone Park: Old Faithful erupting!
OK, Norman: The University of Oklahoma Sooner Statue!
PA, Pittsburgh: You don’t see a brontosaurus in every town! Funny how we all get used to things like this after a while.
MI, Flint: One of three Flint signs I saw in the city.
CA, Hollywood: The Hollywood sign. A bit of a challenge to get a good shot. This is from Beachwood Drive.
CA, San Francisco: Seals hanging out at Pier 39.
ID, Idaho Falls: I didn’t know I was that close to Alaska but they have Arctic Circle burgers in Idaho Falls!
WV, On Road: Route 33 has to be the windiest (i.e. most twisted) road on the planet. It seemed like every 30-yards was a new 25 mph turn. And, the GPS kept saying the speed limit was 55 mph. There is no way I got over 35 for about an hour!
UT, Salt Lake City: Mophe with LDS Temple backdrop. A gentleman in a suit stopped to take this picture. Thank you!
PA, Philadelphia: Mophe outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art also known as the Rocky Steps.
NV, Las Vegas: Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas Hotel.
MI, Detroit: Hard Rock Cafe in downtown.